Ten years! I can hardly believe it.

April, 2024

This month, I’m celebrating 10 years of my career as a Davis facilitator. 
I remember the hopelessness and desperation I felt while I was trying to help my child with reading and writing. When I discovered Davis, it clicked with my brain, too! I knew this was a method that I had to share with others.
I’ve been so blessed to be able to work with students of ALL ages (yes, adults, too!). I love helping people overcome their challenges with dyslexia, ADHD, executive functioning, dyscalculia, and autism.
I don’t believe my clients are broken. I believe they see the world differently which means they don’t always fit in with a traditional approach.
I love helping them utilize tools that complement their natural abilities to succeed in life.
And the smiles? The smiles are why I keep doing this.
I love knowing that I am helping to make a difference, one person at a time. 
“Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person.”
Thank you for coming along this journey with me! I’m so glad we connected.

Here for you, 


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Summer will be here before you know it! 

For many students, it has been a great year filled with learning and personal gains. But many students have struggled all year to just stay afloat, with tutors, interventions and special education plans all of these sources leaving the student feeling frustrated and lacking. 

Minnesota Learning Solutions is very different and offers an out-of-the-box approach! 

We rely on the mental talents that people with dyslexia share to overcome learning struggles. 

When students with dyslexia, ADHD, and learning challenges recognize their mental talents, they develop a RENEWED sense of Self-Esteem and Confidence.

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Let’s give a round of applause to Levi!

Levi has Successfully completed his Dyslexia Program! He says spelling is easier and he can now read words and comprehend them simultaneously. Levi also has become more aware of his learning process.

Levi, your hard work is truly inspiring. Keep it up!

Clay Creation of the Month

Clay creation compliments of Levi M.

Email us a picture of one of your clay models that you would like to be shared in an upcoming newsletter.

Here are some amazing gifts of Autism that we can celebrate!
  • They are often very creative
  • Many have a sort of natural genius
  • Many have above average intelligence
  • They can see the world very differently to the average person, which can mean different priorities or different sensory experience 
  • Their overriding priority is often to solve a problem rather than satisfy the social or emotional needs of others
  • They are renowned for being direct, speaking their mind and being honest and determined 
  • They can be a loyal friend 
  • They give considerable attention to detail 
  • They have a distinct sense of humor  
  • They have a strong desire to seek knowledge, truth and perfection with a different set of priorities than would be expected with other people
  • They have a strong sense of social justice
  • They may perceive errors that are not apparent to others
  • They often actively seek and enjoy solitude
  • They value being creative rather than cooperative

Let’s celebrate children on the autism spectrum for what and who they are, recognizing their individual strengths and abilities!

Advanced TRS

🔍 Ever wondered what TRS is all about? Let’s break it down! 🌿💧

TRS stands for “Advanced Toxin and Contaminants Removal System.” It’s a powerful solution harnessing the magic of clinoptilolite, a lab-grown zeolite bound to water. 🌟

Here's the scoop:

Clinoptilolite, shaped like a cage, carries a negative charge—a rarity in nature. This unique feature enables TRS to capture heavy metals with a high positive charge, including mercury, lead, aluminum, and more. Once trapped in the zeolite’s cage, toxins are effectively neutralized and cannot escape. 🔒

Unlike traditional chelation methods, TRS absorbs heavy metals inside the cage, preventing damage to surrounding tissues and expediting the removal process. Plus, it’s incredibly fast-acting, clearing from the blood within 5-7 hours along with the trapped toxins. ⏳💪

Ready to experience the transformative power of TRS? Say goodbye to toxins and hello to a healthier you! ✨ #TRS #Detox #Wellness

(Always consult with healthcare professionals before starting any detox program.)

How does Advanced TRS work?

A zeolite operates on the differences in magnetic charges. Nearly every single toxin that you can name contains a positive charge, while the zeolite has a strong negative charge.

The powerful negative charge on the zeolite attracts the positively charged toxins and pulls them inside the zeolite “cage”. Here the toxin gets trapped inside the cage and completely neutralized to make the excretion of the toxin painless and safe. Unlike standard detoxing – Advanced TRS neutralizes the toxins so they don’t wreak havoc on the way out of the body, making Advanced TRS a safe and easy detox.

Have you gone through A Davis® program yet?

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