I'm Tracy Doyle

I’ve been a licensed elementary school teacher for fifteen years. I completed my training to become a Davis Dyslexia Correction Facilitator in 2014 and my training in Autism in 2017.

I discovered the Davis Dyslexia Correction Program while searching for a solution to my own son’s learning struggles. My son attended the one week program in the spring of 2012. After he completed the program, I saw the positive impact it had on his learning and self-esteem, and I felt moved to help others discover the benefits of the Davis Program.

I chose to take this direction in my career not just because of my son’s difficulties in school. I was also motivated by the memory of my own struggles as a young learner, and by the many students I’ve taught who have experienced challenges in learning.

I’m so excited to be a Davis Dyslexia and Autism Facilitator and to be a part of helping every individual to reach their academic potential and to participate in life more fully!

To have compassion and respect for every living thing on this fragile and beautiful earth which we share, Is the most important thing we can do.

What Do the Professional Services Cost?

It all begins with a get acquainted call. We will discuss your needs and build a package that works for you!

You could continue on the path you’re on, or you could take a step in the right direction and change your life forever. Your choice. I’m here when you’re ready.

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