It’s a new year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and that your family is healthy!

As we start this new year, I would love to chat. I would love to hear your story. What you’ve tried. What’s worked. And what hasn’t.

Jan 2024

Learning difficulties affect the whole family.

Especially the dedicated parents who are trying so hard to help their kids.

Dec 2023

November is the season of thankfulness!

I am so very thankful for all of my students!

Nov 2023

You may be feeling like you’ve tried EVERYTHING.

Instead of giving up, is it time to try something completely different?

Oct 2023

Why does the Davis method work?

Because it was developed by Ron Davis, who has dyslexia himself.

Sept 2023

Did you know?

Sounding out methods to read can actually cause more confusion around letters and words if you have Auditory confusion.

Aug 2023

The potential always lies within the individual.

Sometimes they just need a key to unlock it.

July 2023

Did you know that the bones in our hands and wrists are not fully developed until late adolescence?

If your little ones need more time before their handwriting improves, don’t despair.

Jun 2023

Why do we use clay in the Davis Method?

For the Dyslexic, creativity is an essential part of the learning process and mastery requires creativity.

May 2023

Thinking about summer school?

Instead of more of the same, is it time for something completely different?

Apr 2023

Instead of just muscling through with tears in both of our eyes, we had a different way of tackling reading and homework!

Whether you’ve chosen public, private, or home school, there is a way to teach that works for the way your child thinks and processes information.

Mar 2023

What an amazing experience!

Tracy and the skills she taught have been such a blessing for my son that his school performance has improved so much since last school year.

Feb 2023

It’s a New Year! Is it time to try something different?

It’s a New Year! Has the last semester been filled with tears and frustration?

Jan 2023

I experience many tears in my office and on the phone from parents desperately searching for help.

Let's turn those tears into tears of hope, relief, and joy!

Dec 2022

What beautiful change!

Our first day ended with smiles!

Nov 2022

HOW can progress be made in just 5 days?!

I am happy to report that Lucas not only crushed his goals but is now reading at grade level. He went from reading at a 2nd-grade level to a 4th-grade level in just 5 days!

Oct 2022

Is it time for something new?

We break through the blocks, we give kids amazing tools, and we make it “easy” for their brains to comprehend.

Sept 2022

It’s a huge joy for me to work with students who once cried in desperation because they just couldn’t do their schoolwork.

Fall is a great time to help your child (or you!) have a new beginning.

Aug 2022

Stop for a moment and look up from your computer. All around you are things that were designed by someone.

Everything was designed, and chances are they were designed by a person with the gift of being able to think visually.

Jul 2022

Dyslexics work 3 times as hard at school as a typical student.

And we wonder why they are having meltdowns after school and don’t want to do homework?!

Jun 2022

My summer schedule is already filling up!

it’s a great time for families to focus on getting their kids the help they need, so be sure to contact me soon so you don’t have to be waitlisted!

May 2022

Is your child super creative? Able to think outside of the box? Strategic? Artistic? Musical?

Often these amazing creative brains start “spinning” and in frustration, they cannot do simple tasks like read, write, or do math.

Apr 2022

Are you stuck in eternal winter with your child?

Do you see glimmers of hope and then the progress you were so excited about is forgotten the next day?

Mar 2022

I remember the day clearly.

He was 15 and could hardly read. He was “allergic to pencils,” and she was exhausted.

Feb 2022

It’s a time of new beginnings!

For many students, a time to start fresh with a new semester.

Jan 2022