Phonics? Drill to tears? Or a magical toolbox that opens up a world of discovery for our creative kiddos?

A program that focuses on the dyslexic student’s natural strength.

February, 2024

I’ve had a few questions recently about Orton-Gillingham so I wanted to address the differences between the OG system and the Davis Method.

The Orton-Gillingham system is phonics-based. The process is long and laborious, teaching and drilling the sounds of phonograms, rules of decoding and encoding, and intense repetition. (Susan Barton, developer of Barton Reading Systems (an Orton-based program), says “It will take from 18 to 36 months of twice-a-week, one-on-one Orton-Gillingham-based tutoring to bring your child’s reading, spelling, and writing skills up to grade level.”)

OG focuses on fixing the deficit of the dyslexic student and over a long time, the student can show progress. 

The Davis Method is different because we work with the dyslexic student’s natural strength of thinking in pictures. We create meaning to tricky “sight words” so students can master them and not get tripped up all the time. (Examples of these tricky words: the, said, have, was, of, with, this, etc) 

In Davis® we call these trigger words because they trigger disorientations that cause confusion (and sometimes tears). 

At MN Learning Solutions, we create a solid foundation for focus (through games and physical movement) and then we give the student learning tools that empowers them to fix the confusion that they have been dealing with for months or years!

Because our method works with the strengths of the student, the change happens quickly! Often, the client sees a growth in reading of 2 or more grade levels in just 30 hours! It’s incredible!

If you are running low on hope and need help with your child, please contact me. It’s not too soon to be thinking about summer tutoring and we can get something scheduled now, before I fill up!

I can’t wait to hear from you!




Annabelle not only improved her reading by an astounding 4 grade levels but can now comprehend with ease, thanks to her dedication and hard work. Most importantly, she has found a newfound confidence within herself.
Here’s what Annabelle had to say about her journey:
 “In the past, I wouldn’t have known I was reading something incorrectly, but now I catch myself and can correct my mistake with my Davis tools. It’s nice to be able to finish a chapter and actually know what was happening. I now know I am capable and prepared to go back to school because I now have the tools to help me.”

Clay Creation of the Month

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Dyslexia's Ongoing Impact in Adulthood

by Arije-Aike de Haas

The Most Insightful Explanation

Explaining dyslexia is often done by focusing on the dyslexic himself or herself. 
One might say dyslexics have trouble with phonemic awareness or the short-term memory of the dyslexic is affected. Comments like these are valid; however, they level out the influence of the effects of the social environment.

Understanding the role of the social environment is important because it makes us realize that we are not the problem. A variety of factors come together, resulting in a child who has trouble learning to read and write.

When we try to explain adult dyslexia, we need to consider typical childhood experiences. Because our childhood has a significant influence on the way we see ourselves, others around us, and the world as a whole. As children, we learned coping strategies that helped us deal with our situation. While growing up, our circumstances change, but our coping strategies tend to remain the same regardless. Realizing what exactly your own patterns are is the first step in making a positive change for yourself, and I hope this video has helped you do that.

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